About us

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About Us

Online Store BATERIJE.EU

The store is operated by Gluhicom, Žiri, d.o.o., purchases for individuals are possible exclusively online!

Our goal is to offer the largest selection of high-quality regular, industrial, special, and other batteries, chargers, and accumulators at favorable prices all in one place.

Favorable battery prices in quantity packages for professional users.

  • Batteries from the best global manufacturers
  • Rechargeable batteries ENELOOP - the best rechargeable batteries, made in Japan
  • Hearing aid batteries from the most renowned manufacturers
  • Watch batteries of all types
  • Lithium batteries
  • Batteries for remote controls
  • Special batteries for CNC machines
  • Batteries for laptops
  • Batteries for GSM phones
  • Battery chargers
  • Batteries and chargers for battery-powered vacuum cleaners, handheld tools
  • Batteries / accumulators for UPS uninterrupted power supplies