Delivery and returns, warranty and material defect

Products can only be delivered to addresses in the Republic of Slovenia!

Shipping of ordered products

The ordered goods are sent by Pošta Slovenije .
Orders received on a working day by 12 noon will be processed and shipped the same day.

Packages are sent with the service " Poslovni paket Pošta Slovenije ", for this service Pošta Slovenije guarantees delivery on the next working day under general conditions.
If the ordered goods are not in stock, we will inform you about the delivery date.

Upon receipt, please check the contents of the package and check again that the delivered goods correspond to your order. If you unpack the batteries, a refund is not possible.
If you notice an error, please let us know so we can arrange a refund.

Shipping costs

The delivery cost for small packages is €5.00 including VAT (packages up to 15 kg total weight), and for large packages €15.00 including VAT (packages over 15 kg total weight).

Delivery is free for purchases over €50.

The delivery cost is clearly defined during the order phase, even before you go to the checkout and complete your purchase.

Return of goods

Return of items within 14 days or withdrawal from the contract

The consumer (the above applies exclusively to natural persons who acquire goods for purposes outside of their commercial activity) has the right to inform the company within 14 days of taking over the goods (e-mail address: , to withdraw from the contract without having to give a reason for his decision. The deadline begins one day after the date of collection of the ordered item. The only cost charged to the consumer in connection with withdrawal from the contract,is the cost of returning the goods (which, in the case of shipping, is calculated according to the price list of the delivery service and depends on whether it is a shipment/package/cargo). The goods must be returned to the seller no later than 30 days after the notification of withdrawal from the contract (purchase).

The buyer can express withdrawal from the contract in any unambiguous way.

Return of goods at the company headquarters

You can return the goods in person at the company's headquarters during working hours, be sure to attach the invoice and the return form attached to each shipment.

Return of goods by mail

You can also take advantage of the return by post option. We recommend that you use a delivery service that allows you to track your shipment. Prepare the items properly for transport so that they are not damaged, if possible use the original packaging.

Shipping costs are always covered by the sender, unless otherwise agreed in advance. We do not accept ransom payments.

Return procedure:

  • Pack the product properly so that it is not damaged
  • Fill out the return form that came with the shipment
  • Attach a copy of the invoice

Send to:

Gluhicom, Žiri, d.o.o., Jezerska ulica 1, 4226 ŽIRI


We will refund your purchase to your transaction account as soon as possible, but no later than within 14 days of your return application, but only after the items have been returned to the warehouse (in the case of returns by mail).

Which items cannot be returned?

The consumer does not have the right to withdraw from the contract, in the case of contracts the subject of which are goods that have been manufactured according to the precise instructions of the consumer, that have been adapted to his personal needs, that due to their nature are not suitable for return, that are perishable or which has already expired. The possibility of withdrawing from the contract is not possible when purchasing software or audio and video media if the consumer has opened the security seal.


You can claim the warranty directly from an authorized repairer, it is no longer possible to claim the warranty from the seller!

The fastest way to file a complaint is directly with an authorized repairer. Authorized repairers are listed on the warranty card you received with the product. You can bring the item to the service in person or send it by post. White goods and other larger items (televisions of larger dimensions) are repaired at home by service technicians, we advise you to contact them yourself and arrange a repair. If you cannot agree on a repair, please contact us at 04/510-6090.

The authorized repairer is obliged to carry out the warranty repair within 30 days of receiving the goods.

If the defects are not corrected within a total period of 30 days from the day when the manufacturer, seller or authorized service received a request from the consumer to correct the defects, the manufacturer must replace the goods with identical, new and flawless goods free of charge to the consumer.

If the manufacturer or the authorized repairer does not repair or replace the goods with a new one within the period specified in the previous paragraph, the consumer may terminate the contract or request a reduction in the purchase price.

The transfer of goods under warranty is carried out in accordance with the conditions specified by the manufacturer on the warranty card, the buyer does not incur any costs.


  • Faster complaint resolution
  • Less chance of transport damage
  • Direct contact with an authorized service technician and more up-to-date information about the complaint process
  • In the case of repairing mobile phones and other electronic devices, many authorized repairers offer replacement devices for the duration of the repair

Material error

You can claim an actual defect if you believe that the item does not have the properties necessary for its normal use.

The error is material when:

  • The product does not have the properties necessary for its normal use or for circulation
  • The product does not have properties that are necessary for the specific use for which the buyer is buying it, but which the seller was aware of or should have been aware of
  • The product does not have properties and features that were expressly or tacitly agreed or prescribed
  • The seller has delivered a product that does not match the sample or model, unless the sample or model was shown only for notice.

The suitability of the product for which you claim an actual defect is checked with another flawless product of the same type,and at the same time with the statements of the manufacturer, the authorized repairer, or the indications on the product itself.

You can claim a material error directly at the company headquarters.

If you decide to return by mail, protect the product properly, attach a copy of the invoice and return it to our address: Gluhicom, Žiri, d.o.o., Jezerska ulica 1, 4226 ŽIRI

Don't forget to write down which feature of the product you are claiming the actual error for.

If you want to send at our expense, call us at 04/510-6090 to arrange for the goods to be picked up by Pošta Slovenije. We do not accept PPN (postage paid by addressee) shipments.