Batteries ENELOOP AA/HR6 4/1
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Batteries ENELOOP AA/HR6 4/1

AA, HR6, Mignon


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Battery type: AA / HR6
Technology: NiMH rechargeable battery
Voltage: 1.2V
Capacity: 1900 mAh (minimum 1900 mAh)
Quantity per package: 4
EAN code: 5410853052630
Brands of batteries from other manufacturers: AAA, HR03, Mignon

Purpose of use and special features:
Superior batteries for all purposes! Classic eneloop batteries are characterized by extremely low self-discharge (after 10 years of storage, they retain up to 70% of their energy, and after one year, up to 90%).

eneloop rechargeable batteries are extremely environmentally friendly, pre-charged with solar energy and ready to use.

The batteries can be recharged even up to 2100 times, they are also useful in extreme conditions, up to a temperature of -20 degrees Celsius.

eneloop rechargeable batteries are made in Japan.
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